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  • Setting up your Volunteer Program for success

  • 4 Stages of Volunteer Engagement

  • Implementing National Standards

  • WHS duties across your NFP

  • Volunteer magnetism

  • Are you recruitment ready:  Culture, job design & systems

  • Interviewing and selecting volunteers

  • Induction and orientation

  • Triangular platform of support

  • Performance management

  • Managing change

  • Exiting volunteers

  • Conflict management


In conjunction with the Centre for Volunteering in NSW, Australia, Penny has created a knowledge resource to help you develop your volunteer management strategy and development. Developed in Australia, international volunteer management practitioner will find a smorgasbord of ideas to tailor to your own set of circumstances.

The Centre for Volunteering has worked with Useability
Volunteering Group

Retain Volunteers

  •  Join Penny as, in 7 modules, she explains why retaining volunteers is your first priority.  In  22 bite-sized parts Penny discusses key elements of retention, turnover metrics, a multifaceted approach to retention, best management practices, motivations, culture and how to develop a retention strategy using her "Volunteer Paypacket" model.  Activities throughout help guide your learning and application to your unique circumstances.


Recruit Volunteers

  •  In 6 modules, Penny explores the challenges and opportunities of volunteer recruitment.  Expand your strategies to tap into more volunteers with Penny as she looks at what today's volunteers want and need, explore what attracts volunteers to you and what sabotages their efforts to join you, consider new ways to cast your recruitment efforts further, and gain an understanding of who might be interested in your organisation whilst developing a clear picture of who you actually need.  Finally tie the activities completed throughout the 18 parts of this training series to develop your own recruitment strategy.  

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