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Penny York pf Useability
The Centre for Volunteering has worked with Useability

Useability was conceived by Penny York to offer management and planning services to Not-For-Profits striving to do more with less in an industry challenged for resources.  


Penny’s corporate background has spanned business consultancy, project management, sales, marketing, corporate communications, public relations and audio visual production.  Over the last 20 years her focus has been training and consulting in business management and volunteer resource management in the Not-For-Profit industry.


Drawing on her MBA and education studies, Penny is keenly interested in strategic planning – planning that is important in recruitment, team development, leadership and creating a sound business structure from which to develop and grow.  She champions professional volunteer management and encourages organisations to think of volunteers as a significant strategic resource to be nurtured and invested in.


Working with countless clients, as they navigate the changing non-profit legislative and community landscape, Penny and her team have much insight into the challenges faced by organisations as they seek to fulfil their charter with limited resources and ever increasing demands.  Their knowledge of this complex industry, big picture thinking and practical suggestions tailored to your individual circumstances, can help you understand what's working, what's not and how to plan for the future.


In conjunction with the Centre for Volunteering in NSW, Australia, Penny has created a knowledge resource to help you develop your volunteer management strategy and development.   Developed in Australia, international volunteer management practitioner will find a smorgasbord of ideas to tailor to your own set of circumstances.

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